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PDF files serve innumerable purposes these days. Every other document is preferred to be sent over internet in PDF format rather than in normal DOC format. Offices, government bodies, organizations, enterprises all see PDF as a more suitable and secure form to communicate information. As, PDF files are getting important day by day, chances of it being corrupt or damaged are also increasing alarmingly.

How to Repair Damaged PDF Files

Use a propriety software program for maximum results like repair PDF files software. This specifically built application serves all needs to repair any damaged PDF file. With PDF Repair Software, you can maximize your repair changes and gain 100% satisfaction. Be it a simple corruption or severe damage case, it is explicitly coded to recover data from every case.

Few Common PDF Error Messages Are:

  • "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."
  • "File is corrupt or damaged"
  • "There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid."

Variable Reasons Behind PDF File Corruption Can Be:

  • Damage of file integrity due to travel in cyberspace
  • Corruption due to Power outage or abrupt system shut down
  • Corruption while uploading or downloading
  • Virus attacks also plays a role in damaging PDF files

PDF damage seems to be a daunting situation but with Tool, there are no regrets or worries, just complete control over any damaged file.

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Why do You Need Software?

When it comes to finding an appropriate tool to repair your damaged files, this seems to be a realistic question and here are the justifiable answers.

Just because lack of native tools pushes you to select a third party Repair PDF files tool, that's no good reason to choose any available software. In fact, The Tool offers a lot more to feel you satisfied with its services.

It can repair any kind of damaged PDF file, it supports all PDF file and versions, it supports multiple repair, these are all just a few to mention from its long list of features.

How Does Repair PDF Tool Work?

The moment you provide the corrupted PDF file for repair, the software creates a new PDF file with the existing file name. PDF Repair Software does not modify the original PDF file properties and formatting. It only observes the file and extracts data from it, which is then, re-build and saved into the newly created PDF file. You can also use this Repair PDF software to efficiently repair PDF files stored in floppy disk, CD, DVD etc.

Try the Evaluation Version

Yes, PDF Repair tool is available for free. This is actually a trial version through which you can check the worth of this software. It is fully functional and can be used to evaluate the product using any damaged PDF file. The only difference lies in its results where data is displayed only on alternate pages. If satisfied, purchase the full version to repair and recover data from any damaged PDF file.

Repair PDF Tool

Take a look to decide why Repair PDF Tool has been accredited as the best software:

  • Repairs damaged PDF files with full accuracy.
  • Supports multiple batch recovery of PDF files.
  • Preserves original PDF file properties and structure.
  • Retrieves all items including text, images, tables, graphs etc.
  • Restores hyper-links, comments and notes intact.
  • Retains PDF file formatting like header, footer, font size and page layout.
  • Recovers page tree, cross-reference table etc.
  • New recovered PDF files have same name as original (recovered files are named in uppercase).
  • Simple interface, no technical skills required and Self-descriptive
  • Support Operating system Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95
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